A Comprehensive Overview of Primary School Education in Singapore: Understanding SAP and GEP Schools

Introduction: Singapore’s education system is renowned globally for its excellence, and the foundation of this success lies in its primary school education. The primary education system in Singapore plays a pivotal role in shaping the academic, social, and character development of young learners. This article provides a general overview of primary schools in Singapore, shedding … Read more

Increase ABSD? Invest Beyond Singapore with Just a Fraction of the Cost!

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Are you looking for a way to invest and diversify your portfolio without the costly burden of the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD)? By investing in assets beyond Singapore, you can gain exposure to global equities while avoiding the exorbitant ABSD fee. In this article, we’ll explore how a fraction of the cost can get … Read more

2024 Latest New Launches Condos in Singapore (Most Complete)

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Latest New Launches / Condominiums in Singapore 2024 Upcoming New LaunchesKassia [Freehold @D17] ~$1900psf The Chuan Park [99yrs @D19] ~ $2500 psfMeyer Blue [Freehold @D15] ~ $2800 psfEmerald of Katong [Leasehold @D15] ~ $2400 psf Recently Just Launched SORA [99yrs @D22] ~ $2000 psfJansen House [999yrs @D19] ~ $2000 psfStraits @Joo Chiat[Freehold @D15]~$2100 psfThe Hill @One … Read more

Buying Property in Singapore – The Process and Property Tax

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Ultimate Guide for Buying Property in Singapore (Local vs Foreigner) In cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong, property is a hot button topic with keen interest from both local and foreign buyers. Traditionally, it is also considered one of the safest forms of investments for people to grow their money The Singapore Government keeps … Read more

What were the 2022 New Launches Condo in Singapore?

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Checkout the 2022 New Launches Condo in Singapore Based on the land sales in 2021, we can do an estimation for possible selling price when the land was bidded, by factoring the developer’s costs (i.e licensing, construction, profits margin…etc).  The following chart give a general guideline of the selling pricing across different regions for good … Read more

New Launches Within 1km To Various Top Primary Schools

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What are the New Launches Benefited from recent change from MOE, i.e Within 1km To Top Primary Schools With the new guideline announced on 9-Sept from Ministry of Education (MOE), the Primary 1 (P1) admission framework had changed, which include 1. Increase in reserved places for Phase 2C 2. Combining current Phases 2A1 and 2A2 … Read more

What were the 2021 New Launches Condo in Singapore?

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Checkout What were the 2021 New Launches Condo in Singapore? 2020 Market Recapped: In 2020, we saw total 26 new projects had successfully launched. Notably, a few launches had archived tremendous result (> 70% sold in first day) despite being a pandemic year, i.eThe M @Bugis,Penrose @Aljunied,Linq @Beauty World &Clavon @Clementi.  Looking back 2020, a … Read more

Singapore Property Price Trend – The Top 10 Districts at a Glance


How much can change in 10 years? If you’re in a small, fast-paced country like Singapore, the answer is “to the point of unrecognisability”. Today, Orchard has been dethroned by Beach Road in terms of price per square foot; and once sleepy areas like Clementi and Tiong Bahru now draw tenants and home buyers in … Read more

What were the 2020 New Launches Condo in Singapore?


What were the 2020 New Launches Condo in Singapore? 2019 Market Recapped: In 2019, we saw total 52 new projects and this is the highest number of new units launched in seven years. With 37 new projects and half the number of units in 2020. The number of new private, non-landed residential units in the pipeline … Read more

【新加坡公寓】锦泰门第 (Parc Clematis) @金文泰 – 公寓楼盘介绍

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锦泰门第(Parc Clematis)新型公寓,开启“共同生活”新时代[转] 摘要锦泰门第(Parc Clematis)位于第D05邮区金文泰区,惹兰仑平路2-20号(2-20 Jalan Lempeng)。该公寓由精诚存信、佳业传承的著名发 地区位置:西部 建筑面积:58867m² 开发商:新海逸集团(Singhaiyi Group Ltd) 建筑单位: 房产地址:2-20 Jalan Lempeng 户型介绍:三室一厅 77m² 131.9万元, 四室一厅 115m² 196.1万元, 顶层复式楼 185m² 312.2万元 摘要   锦泰门第(Parc Clematis)位于第D05邮区金文泰区,惹兰仑平路2-20号(2-20 Jalan Lempeng)。该公寓由精诚存信、佳业传承的著名发展商新海逸集团(SingHaiyi)开发。锦泰门第(Parc Clematis)占地约58,867平方米(633,639平方尺),拥有99年地契,将建造9栋24层楼高的私宅建筑和2层楼高的有地住宅,提供1,450个私宅单元和18间分层地契住宅,户型包括204套一卧室/一卧室+书房、355套两卧室、46套两卧室双钥匙、44套两卧+书房、447套三卧室、46套三卧室双钥匙、203套四卧室、97套五卧室、8套阁楼单元、12间排屋和6间独立式洋房,面积介于42-356平方米。公寓距离金文泰(Clementi)地铁站步行只需7分钟,位于成熟住宅区,四周拥有大量休闲娱乐、购物用餐等设施。公寓连结AYE高速路,驾车只需15分钟即可抵达中央商业圈、滨海湾金融中心(Marina Bay Financial Centre)或乌节路商圈。公寓附近教育资源丰富,一公里范围内就有幼儿园、小学(如南华小学)、中学(如国大数理中学)、大学(如国立大学)等,是典型的学区房。该公寓价位合理,租金回报潜力高,升值潜能大。公寓设施齐全,并与众不同,是新加坡第一家提供“共同生活空间”(co-living space)概念的新型住宅。前言   当今世界是一个手机的年代。人手一机已不再是梦想。手机已渗透到生活的方方面面。就连街头卖红薯的大爷大妈也已开始用手机支付。年轻人则是追寻手机科技的先锋,追逐新款手机就像追星族一样疯狂。新科技给人们的生活带来便利、也有效促进经济和社会的发展,极大提高人们的生产力和生活水平。但新科技也带来一些负面的因素。举一个例子,有一些事情,办公室的同事只需和坐对面的同事说一声即可解决,仍然通过发电子邮件或手机短信来处理。热恋情侣一天也说不上几句话,手机成了交流的媒人。新科技的发展让人与人之间的交流减少了,社会凝聚力也可能变弱。作为享受群居生活的人类,人与人的活跃交流是必要的,也是需要鼓励的,特别是在整个信息科技高度发达的今天。私人公寓作为新加坡居民居住条的必要补充,是住房多样性的体现。在新加坡,有约20%的人口居住在私人住宅。而私人住宅相比新加坡政府组屋而言,在建筑结构上更为私密,人与人之间的交流机会更少,更需要采取一些措施促进人与人之间的交流。为此,我们为您隆重推荐一款全新私人公寓,锦泰门第(Parc Clematis)新型公寓。这栋公寓通过多种措施,提供具吸引力的“共同生活”空间,创造居民朋友可以朝夕相处的机会,彼此交流工作、生活体验,促进融合相处,共同生活、共谋发展。公寓优势集锦 新加坡第一个“共同生活空间”(co-living space)概念的私宅项目; 位于成熟居民区,拥有最完善的社区设施; 靠近金文泰地铁站,7分钟步行即可抵达; 紧邻配备天才班的名校南华小学以及顶尖中学和大学;    由精诚存信、佳业传承的著名发展商开发,有信誉和质量保障;  交通便利,靠近健康服务中心;  超过60种精心设计的套房可供选择;  属大型公寓项目,生活设施超过40万平方尺,拥有网球场的高端生活设施;  超大沙滩式游泳池,度假村的怡然环境;  公寓、排屋、洋房、双钥匙,多种选择。 金文泰黄金区位 锦泰门第(Parc Clematis)位于第D05邮区金文泰区,惹兰仑平路2-20号(2-20 Jalan Lempeng)。金文泰是西部的一个成熟市镇中心。这一带40多年的老组屋随处可见,是典型的成熟社区。虽是成熟社区,设施却是与时俱进。近年来新建了不少新的购物广场,如金文泰购物广场(Clementi … Read more

What are the new Condominiums near CRL Line [Singapore]?


FIRST, WHAT IS THE CROSS ISLAND LINE? Spanning across Singapore, the Cross Island Line (CRL) will be about 50km in length and is targeted to complete around 2030. The CRL is our eighth MRT line, and our longest fully underground line. When fully completed, it will serve existing and future developments in the eastern, western, … Read more

What were the 2019 New Launches Condo in Singapore?


Checkout the 2019 New Launches Condo in Singapore 2018 Market Recapped: Singapore’s real estate market has been one of the hottest topics in many newspapers in 2018. I bet it will continue to be like that in 2019. Many developers and analysts first believed in a positive market outlook in 2019. But with new regulations in … Read more

What were the 2018 New Launches Condo in Singapore?


Checkout the 2018 New Launches Condo in Singapore After 3 years of falling prices in property market, this year, 2018 is looking like the year that the Singapore property market’s long-awaited turnaround finally gains traction. With the aggressive biddings of government land sales (GLS) and en-bloc sales in 2017, there’s significant increase in number of … Read more

【芽笼解密:蜕变中的乌鸦】Geylang: Defying reputation


Geylang芽笼解密:蜕变中的乌鸦 原创 By MySgProp, 07/02/2015 新闻参考:Eye on Geylang: Defying reputation. (SG) 芽笼,芽笼。。。它很大。。。我之前也发表过好几个关于它的巨大潜能,政府URA Master Plan要把D14区重新打造成商业中心以舒缓无法再扩大的Shenton Way,主要就是它非常近市区也近机场。这里价格相比其它同距离的City Fringe地点低了很多。。。就因为 — 新加坡红灯区也在芽笼。 有的人甚至直接把整个D14区都和红灯区挂钩起来。 D14除了Geylang还包含了Eunos,和Paya Lebar。。。。更大啊! ^_^ 大约一年前我也有聊过怎么选芽笼的楼盘和银行贷款问题,不知道大家还记得否? 这则文章也有提到让大家温故知新:1. 红灯区在Geylang Lorong的“双数”,以Lorong 16为中心。准确一点说,Lorong 4到22的双数街道就是红灯区。很少银行要批贷款,文中说只有两家银行愿意批。2. 当然4到22对面的单数巷子也会被影响了一些,所以这里的贷款也会比较难,但比双数巷子机会高很多。3. 芽笼1到3巷就其实就不担心了,因为那里基本上属于Kallang的地盘了。4. 过了24巷已经不属于红灯区,但是银行贷款还是会Case by Case,就看你多靠近红灯区,离得越远越好。。。单数更好。5. 过了40巷后就不必担心了,因为那里基本上属于Paya Lebar的地盘了。 4年前,很多典型的新加坡人其实很久都没有到过新山(JB)。年轻一代的(35岁以下),近5到10年都没有到过新山的人很普遍。对新山的认识,就是看报纸和听同事朋友说。大家听到新山就敬而远之,因为“新山”和“治安乱”离不开关系。所以当时介绍新山房地产真的是很费劲的一件事情。新山,新山。。。它其实也很大!! 直到新加坡政府和马来西亚政府携手在新山伊斯干达推行了几个大型的项目,并开始鼓励国人投资房地产和中小型企业迁往伊斯干达,这才让大家开始愿意去了解新山和伊斯干达经济特区的概念?慢慢的,2012年新山房地产出现了空前的飞快增长。 我知道在看我这文章的朋友,很多都对芽笼不熟,尤其是女生。。。腼腆一点的女生听到这个芽笼这个名字还会脸红的。 那为什么我那么熟?哈哈,除了因为我的工作关系需要对各地方进行研究,而且我自己也住在D14啊! 2015年1月14日,URA(城市重建发展局)提出把芽笼红灯区(4-22双数芽笼巷)重新规划土地用途。方案通过后将被纳入现有的URA Masterplan,这也意味着从今以后红灯区不会再有住宅项目。这里的租金一直以来都是全岛租金率最高的地区之一,这主要是因为价格相比其它近市区的地点要便宜很多。这样一来,这里的房子供应也会慢慢的减少,相信几年后租金会更进一步上升。新闻参考:No more new homes in Geylang red-light area 但我想芽笼这样价格偏低的情况不会持续太久!随着政府公布的未来发展蓝图中点出义顺(Yishun),裕廊(Jurong),加冷(Kallang),芽笼(Geylang),和(Paya Lebar)为重点发展。这让越来越多人开始去对芽笼有了好奇心,开始去了解它。。。上图中圈出的两个近期楼盘是国浩地产的盛世名园(SiMS Urban Oasis)和TRE Residences,这两个楼盘都是99年产权,距离阿裕尼地铁站(Aljunied MRT)差不多300~400米左右,发售价格都在S$1500 psf左右。 … Read more


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